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Surana Jewellers Jaipur

Surana Jewellers Jaipur was established in 1735 in the thriving city of jewellery. Since its inception, it has been highly acclaimed for its elegance, innovation, exceptional quality, and timeless creations. A true embodiment of our passion and excellence, Surana Jewellers has been a part of different prestigious auctions at esteemed auction houses, such as Christie’s and Sotheby’s.

Our jewels receive their brilliance and finesse from a colossal network of over 1000 skilled craftsmen, whose commitment and dedication towards their craft have made us proud jewellers crafting premium quality, hand-crafted Jaipur jewellery. Ranging from finest jewellery to watch-making to artful objects, every creation by Surana Jewellers Jaipur exudes exquisite beauty.

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suranas jewellery jaipur
Emerald and Diamond Earrings
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Meenakari Earrings
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Classic Polki Necklace
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meenakari jewellery jaipur
Blue Meenakari Hasli Set
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Diamond guide

A Diamond owes most of its beauty to nature, but it is the Diamond cut that determines the all-important sparkle factor. Most popular is the round brilliant cut but there is a wide range of shapes for engagement rings that we can help you select from.

Oval Cut

Brilliant Cut

Pear Cut

Marquise Cut

Cushion Cut

Hear it from our Customers

"Beautiful Showroom and display, with great hospitality and salesmanship.”

Tina Ambani, Chairperson, Reliance Hospitals
Tina Ambani, Chairperson, Reliance Hospitals

"A traditional Indian jewellery store managed with International flair and acumen! With price like yours it must be hard for others to be in business! Congratulations on your new store.”

Rahul Kadakia, International Head of Jewellery, Christie’s

"I shall wear my beautiful necklace with happy memories of my visit to Jaipur, twenty years after my honeymoon here.”

Princess Michael of Kent Allan Warren
HRH princess Michael of Kent

"The jewellery is exquisite and the way in which the traditional pieces are made is fascinating. So much time and craftsmanship. I hope foreigners especially have a chance to hear the history of SURANAS,which is a lesson in Indian Culture.”

Masako Iijima, Senior Producer, Thomson Reuters

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